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Tammy Lane
Founder & President

Tammy Lane is the founder and CEO of Capernaum Studios, located on 40-acres, west of Ft. Worth, Texas. Years ago, Tammy first began holding Christian retreats which then led to a ministry of creating live productions and short films. But it was her passion for filmmaking that led Tammy to build Capernaum Studios.


Capernaum has gained a unique reputation with their first-century village, becoming the premiere location for numerous films and popular shows like, “The Chosen" series. The studio has continued to expand and can accommodate a variety of filmmakers with modern sets, sound stages, a theater, large backlot and more. 


Tammy is a proud patriot with a passion for preserving American history. After reading “The Bulletproof George Washington” by David Barton, Tammy was inspired to produce and direct, “Washington’s Armor: The Journey”. She plans to follow up with a continuation of Washington’s story, as well as new film projects and live productions.


Tammy Lane is a unique and rare success story in today’s film industry. As a woman who built and runs her own studio, she humbly acknowledges her success by admitting, “I’ve never been an aspiring filmmaker, I only want to follow the Lord's leading and it’s only because of Him, that I am where I am today.”


Tammy is supported by her loving family, her devoted husband Britt Lane, four grown children and (although hard to believe by looking at her) 10 grandchildren. 

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