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Capernaum Studios is the premiere location for period films with an emphasis on first century sets. We also offer modern day and early American sets.



And that’s not all! We have a schedule of events where we open our property to the public to come and experience Capernaum. Check out our events page to learn more.


Not only do we offer our awesome sets for others to film on, we also produce our own films.  The current one we are working on is called Washington’s Armor.  It's the story of young George Washington 20 years prior to the revolutionary war. 


Capernaum Studios is a premiere location for period films, complete with a first-century village made popular by numerous films and shows like “The Chosen" series. In addition to the village, the studio has a modern town, a large backlot, an 8,000 sq. ft. sound stage, a second soundstage complete with a greenscreen wall, production booth and an LED wall. 


Tammy Lane is the founder and CEO of Capernaum Studios, located on 40-acres, west of Ft. Worth, Texas. She produced and directed the studio's epic historical film, “Washington’s Armor”, and has plans to follow with a continuation of Washington’s story, as well as other studio film projects.


Capernaum Studios is also known for public events, ministry productions and live experiences that interact with the community. In addition to tours and various workshop events, a Chosen tour has been added featuring village settings seen in the popular series. Check our website for details.

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