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The Ultimate Backlot


Embark on a thrilling film tour where you will experience interactive behind-the-scenes

fun like never before!

It warms my heart to see my kids engaged and playing, free from screens, just as kids should.

Virtual Production
The Future is NOW

You'll be immersed in a world where massive LED panels & Virtual Production technology create captivating environments, indistinguishable from real life! This technology is how shows like "The Mandalorian" & "Avatar" were created!

Get ready to experience how this cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing filmmaking and

cinematic storytelling. 


See the world of cinematic illusions, from realistic blood and deformities to intricate wigs, sci-fi accessories, movie props, and more.


 Our expert movie makeup artist will show you techniques used on professional film sets and the transformative power of movie makeup in action.

The Art of Special
Effects Makeup


REAL Immersive 

Movie Sets

Explore our diverse professional film sets, including the famed 1st-Century Village brought to life in "The Chosen" series.

Wander through history in our Early American Town, or delve into a Post-Apocalyptic vision in our

Modern-Day Town.

Our Sets & Studios are all nestled on a private ranch and offer a unique journey through time and imagination.


Upcoming Backlot Tour Dates

We also offer an Independent Tour of our
First-Century Village & Statue Garden $15 Per Person Monday - Friday

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