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Our first century style sets are built with stone, stucco and wood materials for an authentic look and feel.

The many details include outdoor courtyards, water well and fountain, fire pits, and multilevel dwellings.


Each building has indoor-outdoor spaces and roof access. 115-120-volt electrical outlets are available throughout the village. Some large furniture pieces are included with the set rental. Set dressing and props are available as an additional add on package.

Village Floorplan

Village Floor Plan

Village Features

  • 8 Interior Rooms

  • 8 Exterior Rooms

  • 1 Upper Room 

  • Large Tree in Center

  •  Facade Well

  • 2 stone courtyards

  • 1 wooden courtyard

  • Open Ceilings

  • Animal Manger

  • Animal Corral

  • Restroom Facilities

  • Natural Vegetation

  • Large Village Gate

  • Green Room

  • restrooms

4 Blacksmith Courtyard and tools.jpg


1st Century Outdoor

1st Century Indoor


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Your Production Guide:

Preston Hoskins

(817) 609-4288

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